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A lot has changed since our founders, Lasse and Tina Elvang, brought back Peruvian alpaca blankets from their backpacking trip to Peru in 2002. They fell in love with the beauty, softness and luxury of the alpaca textiles they found. But they were also overwhelmed by the poverty they experienced around them. They decided to find a unique way to unite a Scandinavian design approach with the pure elegance of the alpaca yarn that would benefit the region in Peru they had visited.
Driven by the knowledge gained from working with alpaca came the passion for creating other home textiles with carefully selected producers using the finest fibres available.
We strive to create designs that stand the test of time always using the most durable yarn qualities that can withstand everyday use. Our current collection includes textiles for your kitchen, table and bath while constantly creating a new look in alpaca cushions and throws as well as luxury scarves.
But perhaps what we’re most proud of is what we have done for the region of Peru that Lasse and Tina first visited. We have created jobs and educational programmes with our suppliers that have benefited the shepherds, home weavers, knitters and their families. All whilst sustaining an ecological balance and caring for the animals that create the very fibre we take pride in offering to you.
And that’s why we say that at Elvang Denmark, we create textiles with integrity.
Alpacas have graced the Peruvian mountains for centuries. Living in the height of the Andes, these animals provide a healthy economic foundation for the shepherds, who care for them.The alpaca fibre is prided for its extraordinary soft and durable qualities, and it offers more warmth than other natural fibres. They are hypoallergenic, as the fibres contain no lanolin and pilling is at an absolute minimum.
Our alpaca products are made in Peru by talented and skilled weavers. Enjoy the warmth and lightness of our alpaca collection.
Integrity is an important word to us – a word that we use everyday. It pertains to our choice of suppliers and our quest for providing you with the finest fibres available.
Practically, this means caring for the people and animals that make our products and the environment around them. We feel a deep sense of responsibility for these conditions.
We choose our suppliers very carefully. We value their skill set, craft and dedication to finding the best qualities possible. Their knowledge and experience means everything to us. We believe it creates a better product.
Our suppliers are active in improving the conditions around their staff and for the animals, and fields, that produce the fibres we use.
We have joined two international organizations that share our CSR philosophy.
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