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Description:Made for music Our award-winning R2 Mk3 is the perfect ‘all in one’ music system. Alongside DAB, FM and Internet tuners it features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Spotify Connect technologies which [...] Read All

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H 11,5 x W 36 x P 19,9 cm


Rich Walnut veneer | Soft White lacquer | Soft Black lacquer



Driver MF/HF

2x 3.5" full-range, Tuned Bass Reflex

Audio Processors

Enhanced 3D sound processing

Input Wireless

A2DP, aptX Bluetooth


1x Optic Toslink, 1x RCA line input, 1 jack stereo 3.5mm, USB 2.0 (player)


1 RCA Line Out, 1 jack stereo headphone output 3.5mm


DAB, DAB+, FM Tuner con RDS, portable antenna with F type connectors

Internet Connection

Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n; 802.11a/b/g/n (US version) • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS2)


Spotify Connect, Compatible with UPnP™ DLNA media servers

Supported Formats



3.4 kg



Made for music

Our award-winning R2 Mk3 is the perfect ‘all in one’ music system. Alongside DAB, FM and Internet tuners it features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Spotify Connect technologies which allow you to wirelessly stream your music. Undoubtedly a technological marvel, but what makes R2 really special is its sound. With our experience in high-fidelity speakers, we’ve created a compact music system which will bring new joy to your listening experience.

Spotify Connect Built In

R2 has Spotify the world’s leading music streaming service built in and with a Spotify Premium account you can select R2 as your playback device and then control the music using R2’s RotoDial, remote control or via our Ruark LINK control app. With a vast library of over 20 million tracks, Spotify Premium and R2 will allow you to discover new music and enjoy old favourites with R2’s award winning sound.

World Radio

For local and national radio broadcasts R2’s DAB and FM tuner provides excellent performance and with DAB+ technology also built in, R2 can be used in countries where this updated format is now being used. DAB+ also ensures that R2 is future-ready for the implementation of this technology in the UK. For international broadcasts, R2’s Internet tuner allows you access to stations and podcasts world-wide, so whether you’re into classical, rock or jazz, with R2’s search capability you will quickly find stations to suit your needs.

Bedroom Companion

Any bedroom looks and sounds better with R2 and with comprehensive dual alarms you’ll be roused from your slumbers with beautiful sound exactly when you want from your desired radio station or Spotify playlist source. R2 also features adjustable sleep and snooze timers so you can doze off and snooze in a similar fashion.

Elegant Control Solution

Products covered in buttons look confusing and lack sophistication so our trademark RotoDial controller sited atop R2 provides a refreshingly elegant solution. Our RotoDial controller also ensures whichever Ruark model you own you will intuitively know how to operate each one due to their similarity of control and operation.

Wireless Music Access

R2 allows you to wirelessly access music stored on computers and NAS drives connected to your home network. This makes R2 ideal if you like to download music or record and store your CDs on one central device. It supports a variety of popular audio codec’s including WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC and MP3. Please note that audio streaming over a network requires a NAS drive or PC/Mac running DLNA certified software with sharing enabled.

Select Materials

R2 is carefully crafted from select materials which we know from our experience designing High-Fidelity loudspeakers, provide the best sound quality. The combination of natural and man-made materials also have the added benefit of making our products feel as good to touch as they are to see and hear.

Full Remote Control

Included with R2 is a compact remote, but for full wireless control we will soon have our own Apple and Android App available called Ruark LINK which you will be able to download from the iOS and Android stores. With R2 connected to your wireless network and LINK you will have complete control of R2’s settings and will also be able to see what’s playing on the screen of your smart device, all from the comfort of your chair or anywhere within range of your wireless network.

Multi-Room Ready

Alone R2 is a superb music system, but with two or more you can create a multi-room system and play music in-sync all over your home. Unlike other multi-room systems, grouping can be performed directly on R2 with the display providing clear feedback or alternatively you can set-up and control with our soon to be released Ruark LINK app. R2 will also wirelessly link and work together with our new MRx and R7 Mk3 models.



Founded in 1986, we are a family-owned British company, passionate about sound and design. From conception we made high-fidelity loudspeaker systems for audio enthusiasts, but today we apply our expertise to create music systems that look and sound fabulous in any space. Since launching our first generation R1 in 2006 our models have become regarded as the finest available, gaining critical acclaim, including the Sunday Telegraph memorably describing R1 as ‘the Aston Martin of DAB radios’. This statement concisely defines our ethos and objective. Whether you’re looking for beautiful design or perfect sound, we think you’ll be impressed by what we have to offer. All our products are engineered to last with a timeless design you will cherish and enjoy for years to come. [...]
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