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Lyngby Porcelain

The Danish Porcelain Manufactory – Lyngby Porcelæn (1936–1969) has always made a significant mark on the story of Danish porcelain in artistry and production alike. When production was at its peak, the factory accounted for one-third of all Danish porcelain production. The people who established the Danish Porcelain Manufactory in a disused sugar refinery in Lyngby in 1936 were truly driven souls! The entrepreneurial wholesale company Holst & Knudsen was behind its establishment, having first acquired Kjøbenhavns Porcellains Maleri in 1924, subsequently setting up in-house production of porcelain dinnerware, vases and other high-quality artisan pieces under the name of the Danish Porcelain Manufactory – Lyngby Porcelæn. The factory was equipped with the latest technology, taking Lyngby Porcelæn to the forefront of the industry and simultaneously laying the groundwork for the design heritage that is now more relevant than ever.

The factory closed down in 1969, but managed to make a significant mark on Danish design history with its unique and distinctive designs, many of which live on to this day. As exemplified by the signature design Lyngby vase, classic craftsmanship unites with advanced production techniques to form a DNA in every product that nurtures functionality and true beauty.

In 2012, the Danish Porcelain Manufactory – Lyngby Porcelæn rose again and is today behind the relaunch of the iconic designs, now recreated with the utmost care and respect for the design heritage.

At the same time, the Danish Porcelain Manufactory – Lyngby Porcelæn discovers and highlights new designs and new creative talents, and so continues to write the story of one of Denmark’s most innovative porcelain companies.


Original products from the Danish Porcelain Manufactory – Lyngby Porcelæn bear the familiar, hand-printed monogram Danmark-Lyngby on the base. Your guarantee that you are investing in a design icon fit to become an heirloom.

Many come close. But the original products from Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark – Lyngby Porcelæn can be recognised by the fine details and the green, hand-printed monogram on the bottom. The Danmark-Lyngby monogram is your guarantee that you are investing in a design icon fit to become an heirloom.

If you are in any doubt about the date of manufacture of your original Lyngby porcelain, the design of the monogram might help. It has changed quite a bit over time but the original certification – the hand-stamped “DanmarkLyngby” monogram – has been a feature on the bottom of our products since 1961.

The Lyngby Vase: Time-honoured craftsmanship

Ornamentation and decoration were the norm until the 1920s. There was more of a focus on how the porcelain was decorated than on its shape. The Lyngby vase challenged convention, strongly influenced by the functionalist Bauhaus movement in Germany, where the spotlight was on form and functionality, not just embellishment. Producing the Lyngby vase truly demands heart and soul. The majority of the elements are hand-made, so each vase tells a unique story. As a finishing touch, a hand-printed green monogram is applied to the bottom of each Lyngby Porcelæn product, indicating a high-quality product and a design icon fit to become an heirloom.



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