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In Denmark, the lit candle is a meeting point that creates an atmosphere and makes every special occasion.

Because of the country's dark winter months, traditions come deep into Denmark when it comes to creating high-quality candles. In 1987, Ester and Erik Møller (husband and wife) launched a handmade candle production. Their vision was to pay tribute to the proud traditions of candle making by creating the most refined and elegant candles for an exclusive and demanding customer segment.

Since then, Ester & Erik have perfected traditional techniques and further developed the concept. What differentiates the production of Ester & Erik is the extreme quality of raw materials and processing: natural paraffin, handwork and lacquering with the immersion method give light to candles that do not drip, do not smoke and do not smell, being therefore perfect for family evenings but also to be used in any situation, as for example in a 3 star Michelin restaurant. Since 2016, Ester & Erik produces a line of highly refined scented candles, whose fragrances have been studied by some of the best "noses" in the world, and are created in Grasse with a natural and very ancient procedure.

We do not sell candles: we give emotions.

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