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With Kay Bojesen wood comes to life.

Imagination is something that as a child allowed us to live fantastic adventures around the world from inside our bedroom and in the company of toys: trustworthy and inseparable traveling companions, who were gradually set aside in the box of memories once they became great.


But there will always be a toy, the toy, from which it seems almost impossible to separate and this is how it passes from generation to generation, bringing with it the most incredible stories ready to be told to the future small owners.

However, time passes for everyone and if you no longer have that box of memories, the time has come to create a new one, with new protagonists, perhaps in wood, with a soul and humor.


Like the wooden animals of Kay Bojesen, a Danish designer who in the 1930s created a series of wooden characters with a heart, perfectly succeeding. The monkey, the bear and the elephant are not just furniture animals, but have their own lives: they are nice and inspiring, perfect as playmates for children where "the lines must smile" and stimulate their imagination . These toys have been able to consolidate its ideal of round design, soft and pleasant to the touch.

The philosophy behind the creativity of Kay Bojesen also makes the child in each of us be reborn, making us fall in love with her little wooden animals to give them to those most dear to us or to decorate our homes.

Kay Bojesen
Kay Bojesen's Bear
Kay Bojesen's Elephant

Like the monkey, a classic of Scandinavian design, made of teak wood - coming from plantations with responsible cultivation and which guarantees the best living conditions for those who live near the plantations - and in limbo wood - in compliance with the European Regulation for Wood (EUTR). A curiosity about this nice monkey with a clear belly and its mischievous appearance is its composition: 31 wooden parts handmade in Denmark able to give a unique and fascinating personality, thanks to the slight variation of tone and vein impossible to reproduce.

Scimmia di Kay Bojesen


In short, a nice gift that can make you dream of adventures in distant jungles.

But Christmas is coming and if the child in you still believes in the magic typical of this festive period, the statuette of Santa Claus, with his stick and the fabric sack tied with the classic white and red ribbon, will brighten up the heart. And don't forget about the inseparable Mrs Santa Clara, the delightful companion, dressed in red clothes and holding a wooden ladle.

Perfect for giving the right Christmas touch to your home.Kay Bojesen's Santa

MRS Santa Clara di Kay Bojesen


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