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Have you ever wondered what is the secret of happiness for people living in Northern countries? The answer is the ability to carve out time for oneself and discover the importance of simple things, without letting oneself be worried by the frenetic rhythms that usually fill our days.

This sense of well-being and gratitude is not only reflected in everyday life, but also on the way you live your home, designed for the pleasure of finding yourself and feeling good with the people around you and with whom you want to spend time in complete harmony

So why not bring this sense of peace to your home too, transforming it into a refuge with a clean and essential design, but absolutely welcoming. A house where you can feel good is a house that talks about you and your passions, so hang photos or paintings on the walls, perhaps inside particular frames such as those by Moebe, with simple and elegant lines and a minimal design created just to highlight what you want to enclose inside


Wall Frame A2 oak | Moebe

Lighting also plays a fundamental role in creating the right atmosphere: alternate the lamps in various points of the house with scented candles in hidden corners. An example? Swirl suspension lamps, designed by Le Klint, which draw inspiration from nature - especially from the snail's shell and the slowness of its life - and from the basic mathematical principles. Do not forget one of the symbols of the hygge style: discover the Ester & Erik brand that creates candles, of different sizes, wrapped in a refined and unmistakable fragrance that perfectly adapt to any environment because they do not drip, do not smoke and make the atmosphere really special.


Swirl Lamps | Le Klint
Cone Candles | Ester&Erik


And to conclude your perfect refuge, create a space just for you, without the distraction of the smartphone. A place to stop, listening to music, reading a book or chatting in total serenity.

Relax listening to the notes of your favorite song from the speakers of R1 Deluxe Bluetooth, by Ruark Audio, or choose one of the latest books purchased and stored inside the By Lassen container, which turns into a strategic design table where to place the Teapot in glass by Eva Solo and sip your favorite herbal tea, the world will immediately seem a magical place!


R1 Deluxe Bluetooth Radio walnut | Ruark Audio


Storage wall box, 35 cm | By Lassen
Glass teapot 1,0 l | Eva Solo


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