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What is happiness? In this particular period it is a question to which we can devote time to find the right answer. The rhythms are no longer frenetic, we think of our loved ones and the radically distorted daily life inside our homes, which have now become safe fortresses from which to peer into the world from behind the windows.


"There is no bad weather, there are only unsuitable clothes," says the Danish proverb, the cornerstone of the famous "Hygge" philosophy. So let's make it our own and think about the positive side by dedicating our days to what we love calmly, without any hurry. The postponed alarm clocks allow us long breakfasts in bed with the aroma of coffee, the laid tables have the scent of our favorite dishes, the afternoons spent on the sofa chatting or realizing projects placed in a corner are filled with creativity and imagination while the evenings flow quietly watching movies, listening to good music or reading that book waiting for the right moment on the bedroom bedside table.


Surround yourself with positivity and beautiful things and let yourself be transported to the fantastic lands of Peru in the company of the Alpacas, while you enjoy the warm embrace of the Plaid by Elvang, the brand that has found a unique way to combine a Scandinavian design approach with the pure elegance of the alpaca yarn, taking care of both animals and the region.



Throws in Alpaca yarn | Elvang

Then the time comes to sit at the table, then wear your Juna Wea apron to delight everyone with a new recipe, without sacrificing the style behind the stove: 100% cotton, simple design and shades of neutral colors.



Wea apron black and grey | Eva Solo
Wea apron grey and white | Eva Solo

And when the day comes to an end, the Loft sofa by Wendelbo is ready to welcome you with its unique design, its soft shapes and the comfortable fabrics typical of the brand.


Loft Sofa | Wendelbo

Let's enjoy these moments of tranquility and recharge while waiting to start off again, confident that we will miss these slow-motion days.

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