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Nordic Emotions

Copenhagen, December 2005

When I first walked in Strøget, the capital historic centre, I discovered a magical and exciting place. From that moment I knew that this place would be stuck in my mind as the “sanctuary of design”, a place where I could spend hours learning about a culture that I had just started to get familiar with and that I was already in love with.

“Illums Bolighus” are just regular department stores for the Danish, but for me, they represent a constant source of inspiration for the attention to details, brands knowledge and the ability to turn an inanimate object into a romantic idea by capturing its true essence and explaining what’s behind the designer’s view.

In the following 13 years, by distributing products from one of the most famous Danish brands, I had the pleasure to get to know Scandinavian design and Nordic culture and I realized that to truly appreciate it, one must know it. Every item/object is the result of years of study, trial and error, research into materials and forms, it’s the development of an idea that everyone has the wonderful possibility to interpret freely.

Nordic Emotions was created with the same philosophy, we draw the dots and it’s up to you to connect them.

Design your life!

Alessandro Martelli, Founder

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